How To Get Some Loving As A Gamer

It can be tricky being a gamer in the modern world. Let’s be frank, we are not famed for our legendary skills with the ladies, are we? When was the last time you read a sentence along the lines of “Joe blogs, noted gamer and lothario” in fact putting “ladies man” and “gamer” in the same sentence may be considered an oxymoron. So if you’re struggling to get any “action” as a gamer here are our top tips. Whether gay, straight, male or female these will probably help.


It seems so obvious but so often a gamer can forget! You know how it is is, you were up until 3 am trying out GTA6 and your alarm goes off for work at 6 am. It may seem like getting an extra half hour in bed trumps taking a shower, but believe me, it is worth putting in that effort. Not much is a bigger turn off than a dude or dudette who is a bit pongy. Get clean and get some nice cologne on. It’ll help!

Get clued up

Sure you may have an encyclopedic knowledge of the characters from that obscure Japanese Mac game but there is a pretty good chance that isn’t going to come up over dinner. Being interesting means knowing enough about a range of topics so you can converse on then. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting you put down your console for five minutes, but maybe have the charts on while you play so you can learn about modern music. Or better yet have the news on while you eat brekkie.

Don’t humblebrag

About anything, but especially not about your gamerscore. Literally, nobody but you and your friend Nigel cares. (And even then it’s only because you have a fiver on who can hit 100k first). For those of you unfamiliar with a humblebrag, it’s where you.purposefully downplay something that is obviously an achievement. An example might be… “Your inflatable inner-tube is way cooler than my 80-foot yacht. You get to be so much closer to the water and to nature. I envy you, I really do” thanks to Urban Dictionary for the fine example.

Be confident

Of course, this could be true of non-gamers alike. As the old saying goes, fortune does favour the brave. If you are waiting for them to ask you out it might never happen so why not bite the bullet. Rejection is mildly better than spending time pining over someone so go and rip off that plaster (band-aid to our US readers) it’s not just asking them out either, if you get a date don’t be afraid to, you know, speak and stuff.

Dress to impress

It doesn’t matter if you are going to the shops, to work or if you’re on a date. You need to treat every time you leave the house as an opportunity to show the world you look after yourself. So if you’re a guy invest in some good hair product or if you’re a lady grab some straighteners. The opposite sex can tell when you’ve made effort. If you want fashion ideas look on the web for celebs of your size and look at how they dress. Chances are they have stylists so you can get some idea of what to look for.

Be yourself

Ultimately there are things you can do to sway the odds in your favour but it’s important to tweak not change. You need to find someone who likes you for you. Even if you are a gamer you deserve to be happy and you should appreciate just how wonderful you are.

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