Cute Film Characters We’d Love To See In A Game

We recently did a piece where we looked at potential animal companions in video games. There are plenty of movie characters we would like to see immortalised in a video game too. Here are some of the cutest.


Okay so this is as old school they get, but let’s be honest here, he may have had a masculine frame and a giant physique, but Bigfoot was so much more expressive than any modern beast pixelated together with swanky CGI. The giant primate was able to tug on all our heartstrings as kids, isn’t time he was immortalised in the medium of a cute video game.


I think there may well have been a flubber-based game. But even if that is the case it wasn’t very good. Having the adorable ball of goo follow you around would be a real delight. Especially if in a game designed for young children.


Okay, once again this is very old school. It just so happens that 80s and 90s kids films were incredible. That’s just a scientific fact! For the uninitiated, Beethoven was a large St Bernard that was adopted by an unwitting family who becomes embroiled in a showdown with some nasty criminals who want stray dogs to test ammo on. It’s way cuter then that makes it sound. Trust us, Beethoven was frigging cute, man.


The Gremlins movies couldn’t really tell if they were supposed to be a horror or a comedy. At least the first film was relatively creepy in places. One consistent element throughout the two movies was how adorable Gizmo was. The cute teddy-like creature melted our young hearts with his melodic singing. He then had us like putty in his hands when he dressed as Rambo.


I really struggled to come up with any contemporary characters to add to this list. You can probably tell from the inclusion of Ted! I have to imagine that when the concept for these films came about that someone was sat there looking at their childhood Teddy Ruxpin thinking, “wouldn’t it be ace if it could swear?” and apparently the answer to that question is “yes”, yes it would be ace.


Can you call ET cute? I mean he had skin that looks a bit like Tom Jones fell asleep in a tanning machine, hands like Salad Fingers and a head that, well actually I’m not sure how you would describe that. But put it all together and there is no denying that ET was cute. Perhaps it was the bulbous eyes?

Puss in Boots

Okay, this character may have appeared in a video game. I can’t say with any certainty either way. But there is no denying the cuteness. In fact, he is so cute he is able to stop guards in their tracks just by using his adorableness.

The rocky robot

Rocky 4 might not be everybody’s cup of tea (personally I love it) but it did feature Rocky and Adrian’s very own housework robot. The smiling droid was debatably the least robotic actor on screen. Apart from Dolph Lundgren, that guy got range!


You know, from Star Wars. Yeah, I’m talking about one of the Ewoks. The cute one that Leia gives her helmet to. I think Ewoks have probably featured in a star wars game down the line somewhere but imagine being able to play as one! Oh, the joy.


The Never Ending Story may have ranked just below the Labyrinth for the most deeply damaging and disturbing kids’ movies of the 80s but the sky dragon, Falkor with his fluffy looking fur was cute as heck. I’m still too scared to watch it though.

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