What’s better: Fifa or football?

Fifa 20 is arguably the best the series has ever been. The long-running franchise tends to take baby steps when it comes to development these days but that doesn’t mean that EA hasn’t created the best representation of the beautiful game we have ever seen. But is it as good as the actual beautiful game? Let’s take a look.

Clean kit

You can have a shower and sit and play FIFA for a couple of hours and not require any kind of personal grooming. This can not be said for actual football, especially during inclement weather. As a kid, I’d forever be turning up home with grass stains on my trousers, or caked in mud. According to my mother, they were equally tough stains to remove.

Whether you like it or not

Speaking of bad weather, FIFA generally has the upper hand here as well. Unless you happen to live in a hotel with no roof the worst conditions you can expect are a bit of a chill of you are too cheap to pop the heating on. (Or one of countless UK families living in poverty, but let’s not get political.) However, with real-life football, you are consistently exposed to the elements. As a kid, I would turn up on a Sunday morning for a kick around in sideways hail. It’s just what we do.

Taking its toll

Okay, playing a games console can be perilous. Many a time I have spilt a fizzy drink on my lap while being overzealous on a shooter, but in terms of actual injuries, they are unlikely. I mean PC gamers can suffer from RSI if they’re not careful, but honestly, the biggest worry a FIFA player might face is “square eyes” (after careful research I have discovered my mother lied and square eyes is not really a thing.

As for real football, you can incur some real nasty knocks. As well as all the minor sprains and strains there are some real scary injuries that have occurred on the field. Just ask poor Djibril Cisse who snapped his leg twice in his career. It isn’t just professionals either, I have several friends who have broken bones playing footy.

It’s all about control

When you have the touch of a young Messi and you are playing with teammates who are a bit more Carlton Palmer it can become frustrating. Football is a team game, FIFA is about your individual prowess. You don’t have to carry a slack teammate. Okay, so the downside is that it isn’t anywhere near as social but winning is all that matters in life. Right?

Milan, ITALY: AC Milan’s Kaka celebrates scoring against Manchester United during their European Champions League semi final second leg football match at The San Siro, Milan, 02 May 2007. AFP PHOTO/ANDREW YATES (Photo credit should read ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)

Space required

Okay so this is clutching at straws, but you do need a significantly large plot of land to get your football on. Not the case with FIFA which could probably be played in a large wardrobe. For the record, we wouldn’t recommend playing FIFA in a wardrobe. Actually, there aren’t many things that we would recommend doing in a wardrobe.

The conclusion

So which is the best? FIFA or regular football? Well, if you based it on the pros and cons there is only one winner isn’t there? But football isn’t about tangibles necessarily. yes, there is a risk of injury but that is what makes it more exciting. Of course its unpleasant playing in the naff weather but when a group of you Braves the elements together it breeds camaraderie and friendship and brings people together in ways that video games, including FIFA, should aspire to do. You cant touch the beautiful game because in many ways it is beautiful, in its simplicity and at all levels, from jumpers to goalposts to the world cup final. Football is life, everything else is just a game.

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