These Are The Best Weapons In The Gears Franchise

Gears of war has some of the greatest guns in any game franchise. The team at Epic games really innovated when it came to designing their death-bringing modes. But that’s no surprise given that this is the same team that brought us the short-lived, but wildly entertaining, Bulletstorm. So with that in mind here are some of the best weapons the franchise has delivered us.

Torque Bow

This is no regular bow and arrow. The Torque Bow at first glance looks just like a standard crossbow but when used in-game you start to realise it’s full capabilities. Pull back on the trigger and a holographic line appears marking a guide to your intended target. Let go of the trigger and it sends and explosive charge hurtling towards your enemy at which point it sticks to your intended target making them go boom, boom. A mainstay since the first Gears.


One of the most common complaints I hear levelled at the drop shot, one of gears newer additions, is that they are difficult to lo use. But once you master the heavy weapon it can be a powerful ally. Holding the trigger elongates the range of the device which buries itself underground and travels beneath cover in order to take out its target. The tough part is mastering the correct range.

Frag Grenades

Okay so having some form of personal explosive device is not exactly a novel addition to a video game. Frag grenades are pretty adaptable though. You can launch them over cover. Tag them to a person and watch with glee as they try to flee only to then die in a dramatic fashion. The ridiculously useful little gizmo can also be attached to cover to act as a proximity mine. Versatile.


I guess this is the Gears equivalent to an RPG. The boomer is a lot of fun. As with most heavy weapons, you are limited on how much ammo you can hold and the weapon is further hampered by a trajectory arch that you have to master in order to use the weapon effectively. But once you master it the weapon is a whole lot of fun as you can use it to kill multiple enemies in one fell swoop.


There are those that might prefer the newer shotgun, but when it comes to quickfire, short-range carnage you will struggle to find better than this. The gnasher is a staple of the Gears series. It one-hit KO’s an enemy at a close enough range, but getting beyond a players chainsaw bayonet makes it tough to use. Still, there’s seldom a more satisfying move than scoring a headshot at point-blank with a gnasher.

Hammer of Dawn

Sometimes affectionately referred to as the laser pointer of doom. The Hammer uses a red laser in order to pinpoint a target and then reigns down a massive blast from the sky. It’s kind of akin to the giant laser from Independence Day in so much as it takes a short while to “charge” before delivering its potentially devastating blow.


The mortar

Another heavy weapon capable of decimating the opponent. It fires a projectile into the air which drops a massive explosive payload onto your enemies. Great in campaign and horde.

The Lancer

Arguably Gears of War’s most iconic weapon. The rapid-fire machine gun has fairly decent stopping power, a decent range, great accuracy and one of the most fun bayonets in any game. The chainsaw makes this weapon so unique. Of course in Gears One if was a cheap kill but over time it’s been balanced to the point where now you feel you have to at least earn your execution.

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