Why Fitness Is Important To Gamers

Health and fitness is important to everyone. Apparently, the life expectancy of the average UK man has dropped slightly for the first time in decades. A stark reminder that we need to look after ourselves. Especially us gamer-types, but why are we particularly at risk?

Sugary snacks

Not all gamers fall foul of this, but I for one am addicted to sugary treats and actually crisps too. Convenience food is often the order of the day. Most people like a bit of junk food now and then but excessive eating coupled with a lack of general exercise and fitness can lead to all kinds of issues. Weight gain is an obvious one, an increase in cholesterol and all of these things can have an adverse effect on your heart. Not good.

To combat this we recommend investing in some healthy gaming snacks. Maybe replace the crisps with some carrot sticks and dip. We also recommend adding some exercise to your routines. Perhaps go for a walk a couple of times a week or take up a team sport. either way, take care of yourself and you could massively expand your life span.

Get out your seats and jump around

If you sit in the same position all the time you are likely to be prone to a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) DVT is a clot in one of your deep veins, usually in the leg. This can be problematic as it can lead to a pulmonary embolism which is fatal. That’s all very technical, I know. But there are some very real things you can do to avoid it.

This is quite simple to avoid really. Just stay away from prolonged sessions sat on your backside. Cross-legged seating positions are particularly problematic. If you absolutely must sit and game for hours (we all do it) then take breaks, get up, move around, wiggle your toes. This isn’t exactly extreme fitness! If it saves your life it is worth it. (And yes gamers have died from DVT.)

Personal appearance

Okay so it may not seem like a big deal, but as someone who was bullied in school because they were smelly, I can vouch for the importance of this. I know it’s such a horrendous stereotype but gamers aren’t renowned for their hygiene so it is worth mentioning.

The solution is pretty straightforward really, wash! Be conscious of the way you smell. Make sure that you don’t forgo everyday activities like ironing a shirt and brushing your teeth.

Watch your mental health

People will often say, I don’t have mental health. We all have mental health. Some of us have good mental health, others bad. Gaming can be an isolated activity and therefore it’s important to practice mindfulness. Be aware of how you’re feeling and try and make sure that your introverted nature doesn’t transcend into something far darker.

Even though you love gaming, make time for your three-dimensional friends. Socialising and getting out of the house are all terribly important and can be overlooked by the more extreme gamer. Keeping an eye on your diet, and fitness are all a part of this too.

Your eyesight

Even though this isn’t quite the problem that my parents made it out to be, doesn’t mean it isn’t potentially problematic. Having a TV screen set up incorrectly could easily lead to problems with your eyes. It can also cause issues to your neck and back if your screen is too high.

It stands to reason but make sure that your screen is at an appropriate height and make sure to sit yourself an appropriate distance away. You don’t need to sit a metre away from an 80-inch screen. Do all this and you should be golden.

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