Cities That Could Host Major eSports Tournaments

eSports is everywhere. However, most of the big tournaments are limited to a handful of locations. In this article, we will tentatively take a wee gander at some of the best places in the world to host an eSports tournament. Let me preface this by saying that these suggestions may not stray too far outside the box, but our rationale for selecting them just might.


Well duh! It is one of the most famous cities in the world. London is the UK’s capital and while eSports may not have landed in the UK quite as big as in other countries, it’s a burgeoning market. What has London got to offer that other locales might not? How’s about Fish and Chips? Pie and Mash, archetypal British cuisine might not be the world’s best, but it is delicious! The city has plenty of large venues that could play host and cracking transport links. What’s not to like?

New York

It might not be in the US capital, but you could argue that NYC is the beating heart of the United States. So much of what we associate with US culture comes from New York and the countless TV shows and films that are based there. The modern urbanite is basically a carbon copy of the characters from Friends who showed us what life is like next to the Hudson. Combine the world-class eateries, countless delis, great transport networks, and world-famous venues. Let’s be honest Madison Square Garden may well be the world’s MOST famous venue.


Now hear me out here. This may seem like a strange choice to host international tournaments, but what it does have is heritage and a need for regeneration. Poverty is rife through the Egyptian capital as exemplified by blocks of flats with entire walls missing. You can literally drive past and see what people are doing in their living rooms. It doesn’t have the transport links of some of the bigger, more developed cities, but theming the tournaments around the ancient Egyptians would make marketing a simple task and would bring much-needed money into the Egyptian economy.

Las Vegas

Returning to the US for this list might seem like a bit of a cop-out. But you would struggle to justify its omission. Vegas truly is a city that has something for everyone. The buzzing nightlife suits the young single contingent, while the theme-park like hotels on the strip offer a mecca for families looking to keep their young ones entertained. You have glorious weather all year round plus countless venues capable of hosting major tournaments. Viva Las Vegas, baby!


Yes at this point I’m just naming big cities. But they don’t come much bigger than Paris. The only problem is that it is a city that is living in the past. Even the cities modern art museum (the Pompidou Centre) looks a bit like a relic (albeit a quirky one) having a hi-tech event or two in the capital would be an incredible juxtaposition of the old and the new.


What better place to host a video game tournament then a city famed for its chilled vibe. I mean yes okay it’s fair to say that most of that chilled vibe is because of the substances consumed there, but can we really hold that against them? The city has an extremely friendly vibe. There are swathes of pastry shops because everyone knows how much gamers love cakes and transport links are ace with the cities trams.


If China has proved anything in the past couple of decades it’s that they know how to host an international tournament. In fact, there is a precedent for such events as there were eSports events going on during the Beijing Olympics. Gaming is huge in Asia making China’s capital an obvious place to host an eSports tournament.

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