Who Will Win The 2020 Rumble

The Royal Rumble is always one of the highlights of the WWE calendar. I remember back when they first introduced the mode into WWE games. The excitement of getting a group of friends and taking part in such contests was legendary. But with the actual event on the horizon, we are going to take a look at some of the potential winners and rank them according to our “expert” knowledge.

Roman Reigns

It is difficult to look beyond the “big dog”. His name is always going to be in the conversation if he is in the Rumble. He has been embroiled in a feud with King Corbin lately keeping him away from the title picture. WWE probably need to keep Reigns away from Wyatt though as Wyatt will probably have the fans backing. And you have to think that Reigns Vs Lesnar is not the way to go. We have all seen that. Will almost certainly feature heavily though.

Odds 7/10

Brock Lesnar

Despite starting as the number one entrant and being a champ, he still has the bookmakers support. Lesnar doesn’t need the rub though. Expect a dominant performance and to see him probably dumped out by someone like Kane Velasquez, or maybe even Tyson Fury if the rumours are to be believed.

Odds 6/10

Kevin Owens

Unfortunately, I cannot see the WWE ever letting Owens have a Rumble victory to his name. His face run has been solid but unfortunately, Owens doesn’t feel much more than a solid upper mid-card guy. It wouldn’t be an unpopular choice but I for one just can not see it happening.

Odds 5/10

Samoa Joe

It’ll almost certainly never happen, but there is no doubt he would be a worthy winner. The problem with Joe winning is that you could question his ability to draw. Does he have the name power to put bums on seats? Probably not, could he put on a good match if he was in the main event? Undoubtedly!

Odds 5/10

Seth Rollins

Seth can certainly draw. The only downside is that he won it last year but a win for Seth would make sense. He could be aided by his developing stable. Although the WWE doesn’t often give back to back Rumble wins to a star, Rollins is a worthy candidate.

Odds 7/10

AJ Styles

Styles could well win it. He has the profile, the popularity and even as a heel the fans wouldn’t fart on it. The truth is that AJ deserves it. He has been one of the WWE’s biggest workhorses and most consistent performers since his debut. If anything he is almost a victim of his own class as he can put on a good match with everyone he often misses out on the true marquee matches.

Odds 8/10

CM Punk/Edge

We cannot not mention them. Both are rumoured to potentially make an appearance, but we have to be honest there is virtually no evidence to suggest either star will appear. One thing is for sure if that cult of personality tune plays and Phil Brookes doesn’t win the entire thing the fans will riot!

Odds 3/10

Daniel Bryan

Not officially in the match as he faces Wyatt. But if he loses that match he may well appear in the Rumble. He would be a popular winner. He would have been a popular choice prior to his face turn, but now? The crowd would go crazy.

Odds 6/10


Elias is a star. As a heel, he was getting huge reactions. Now as a face he is just as popular. An unlikely Rumble win for him would cement his star, will it happen? Probably not.

Odds 2/10

Braun Strowman

You have to think that at some point he has to win this match. He could use it too. His popularity has waned in the past year or two, but the giant star has so much potential. Unfortunately, I cannot see him winning it.

Odds 5/10

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