Is Fallen Order Worth Buying Cheap?

Jedi Fallen Order has been out a while now and is starting to drop in price. That is the joy of a single-player game if you bide your time you can almost guarantee that the price will eventually drop. But with is being so cheap to get hold of, is it worth a purchase? Let’s take a look.

Tomb raiding roots

The links to adventure games from the past is evident in Fallen Order. If you have been a fan of the likes of Tomb Raider or Uncharted then the mechanics for getting around will make you feel at home. You can swing from vines, grab hold of ledges and even practice a bit of parkour as you use a wall run to access parts of the map.

Borrowing liberally from these type of games was not a bad idea. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that is evident. This works so well with the third-person perspective. The net result of this is that even without wielding your lightsabre, exploring feels fun in its own right. And believe me when I say that exploring is fun. The worlds are so pretty, if you removed combat from the game entirely you could probably still enjoy a satisfying experience.

Dark souls

Dark Souls has always maintained a reputation for being pretty difficult. In fact, on the more difficult levels, it can be a living frigging nightmare. At the bottom end of the difficulty scale, Fallen order is fairly straightforward and forgiving. At the top end, it is viciously challenging. This is the way it should be. Personally, I was happy to plod along on the easiest difficulty, slicing through stormies as if they were made out of butter. But more adventurous gamers can find a decent challenge within.


My opinion on this is split. Clearly, the writing is strong. And if you have watched through Gotham you will know just how good an actor Cameron Monaghan can be. The only issue is that he is slightly better playing the villain. He does bring the title a gravitas, and not to spoil anything but there are some memorable characters along the way.

Part of my issue is this. I’m a wrestling fan, and as such, I have seen it when you have one of the most likeable good guys on the roster look dreadful because they are against a baddy (or heel) that isn’t particularly impressive. Fallen Order sort of falls foul of this. The threat felt by the antagonist does not help elevate the story, and this is a missed opportunity. Especially when you consider some of the iconic villains in Star Wars. This game does not have one of them.

More copying

As mentioned the game borrows liberally from its peers. It may surprise some of you to see that it borrowed from the Force Unleashed franchise. From the way you level up to the fact that you can collect costumes and lightsabre parts. In their defence, this was one of the more enjoyable facets of that game. (I joke, that franchise was actually quality)

Overall impression

So the point of this article is whether or not you should pick up a copy of the game. The simple answer is yes. There is plenty here to do. You can whizz through the storyline at pace but if you are an explorer there are plenty of side quests and exploration tasks available on every level. This game has a lot of hidden depths and to get the most out of it, we genuinely recommend taking your time and enjoying the adventure, it is one of the best Star Wars efforts we have seen in a long, long time.

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