8 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know were Gamers

Playing video games is no longer purely the remit of nerds. Cool people now also like to indulge. In fact, people with global level fame are self-proclaimed gaming nuts. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous gamers around.

Jack Black

Again a name appearing on this list to the surprise of absolutely nobody. /but don’t worry there are plenty of surprise gamers on this list. The comedy actor has put his voice acting skills to work in several games. He also cites one of his biggest accomplishments is completing PGR. Well, there’s no accounting for taste! He has also created a YouTube channel dedicated to his game playing addiction, where he plays old school arcade games and titles like Minecraft.

Vin Diesel

Perhaps best known for his role in the Fast and Furious franchise, Diesel is also an avid gamer. It’s probably no surprise that he is a fan given his self-proclaimed love of geeky endeavours like playing D&D. Apparently, his range of games goes from MMO’s right the way through to twitch shooters such as the COD series. He even has gone as far as to invest in a video game company, wearing his love for games firmly on his (very tight) sleeve.

Mila Kunis

I know that Kunis doesn’t fit into a stereotype when it comes to gaming nerds, but allegedly she is. Back in its pomp she allegedly amassed a good few gaming hours on World of Warcraft (to be fair who didn’t?) but these days is more of a fan of shooters, like COD. I wonder if she ever played against Vin Diesel?

Samuel L. Jackson

While it may have been considered a bit of a surprise that Mila Kunis likes to sweat it out on her console, is anyone really surprised at Jackson being on the list? The actor allegedly begged to be in Star Wars and has starred in a plethora of Marvel movies as Nick Fury, as well as doing voice-over work for GTA. He is basically nerd royalty at this point. Among his vices are GTA, COD and Fallout. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t use his oft-uttered movie catchphrase down his mic, Mother…


Henry Cavill

I think it is unfair that a guy with a physique like Cavill’s is allowed to be a gamer. The actor, most famed for his role of playing Superman (as if that weren’t cool enough!) is a massive fan of World of Warcraft. Allegedly he was playing the game when he got the call to tell him he was set to play the Man of Steel. He also has another connection to the video game world playing Geralt in the Witcher TV show, which is based around a popular game series.

Xavier Woods

Allegedly a lot of the WWE’s roster like to veg out with a few video games when they are not working out at the gym or pummelling each other in the ring. But Xavier Woods, alongside his New Day teammates, takes it to the next level. He hosts his own Youtube channel where he catalogues his gaming exploits. The channel entitled UpUpDownDown is well worth checking out if you’re bored.

Zac Efron

Now obviously with a physique like his, he can’t spend THAT much time gaming. But it’s fair to say that the teen heartthrob-turned, actually decent, actor, was a big gamer in his pomp. He was once snapped waiting for the midnight launch of the latest Halo title back in 2007.

Daniel Craig

Another chap who famously managed to sneak into a Star Wars movie (he was a stormtrooper in the Force Awakens. Craig, who famously played James Bond has gone on record as being a big fan of the GTA series. Although he claims he can only play the games so long before he feels dirty.

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