The Best Games For Mods

One of the greatest things about being a pc gamer, apart from the fact that your system is probably capable of better graphics than any of the consoles about, is the fact that a lot of games are moddable. Thanks to the likes of Steam most modern games are editable. This can breathe new life into titles and offer masses of replayability. But what are the best games for it? Let’s investigate.


Obviously, this was going to be our starting point. The game has more mods then you can shake a stick at. The sheer variety is immense too. From mods that upscale the graphics and textures, to entire worlds based on intellectual properties such as Star Wars and Harry Potter. As a result of this, there are countless YouTubers who record their Minecraft experiences.


All of the Elder Scrolls games have been good for mods, but Skyrim, in particular, has buckets of them. From races to nudity patches the game has so much variety. Some of the cooler mods include one that replaces all the swords with lightsabres. It pains me to say that I have literally spent more time finding and installing mods on this classic then I have actually playing the thing.

The sims

These days the game comes packaged with a great community sharing system. The upshot of this is that you can search through community creations for sim versions of just about any celebrity you could care to mention. While there aren’t a huge amount of mods for the game the main one that does exist is Interesting to say the least. It removes the censored patches from nude sims and offers all sorts of sexy options, effectively making your sims game into an adult movie. It’s extremely in-depth but just don’t let the kids play!


There are loads of these games now. And each one seems to have a dedicated set of mods who are happy to spend their time creating everything from new maps to new civs. Once again there is a cool Star Wars mod for this game and I believe a Lord of the Rings mod also exists. Definitely worth purchasing one of these games during a steam sale.

Warcraft 3

How can you not include this in the list? The game spawned the Defence of the Ancients mod that went on to be Dota2 one of the worlds most popular eSports. Not a bad little claim to fame. The mod and its sequel are still played to this day, Warcraft 3? Not so much.

Arma 2

Another example of a game whose mod went on to be a commercial success in replayability own right. Arma 2 spawned they incredibly addictive DayZ. The survival horror game has become far more popular than the original.


Most of the GTA games have mods. In particular the ice mod for GTA 4 which brought us texture packs so sexy that it offered the game an almost photographic realism. Of course, there are plenty of other mods for the game to compliment the regular stream of DLC which has us returning to the game time after time.

Call of duty 4

It seems like I’m obsessed with Star Wars, but fortunately, me and countless modders have that in common. The Star Wars mod for COD4 is legendary and a testament to what a skilled team can do.


A little-known indy game, TEW is the best wrestling Booker money can buy. The game comes packaged with editing software which has led to mods including everything from classic 80’s promotions, up to a Sci-Fi mode filled with everyone from Dr Who to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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