The 8 Best Characters From GTA

GTA has produced some fine characters throughout the years. So we thought it was about time that we highlighted some of the great work our friends at Rockstar have been producing. Hence this listicle.

Tommy Vercetti

Vice City was one of the most popular games in the GTA franchise and with its 1980’s setting, it was no surprise. For those of us who grew up in the eighties, the title was a real nostalgia kick. But that doesn’t detract from the characters that populated the world and in particular the game’s protagonist, Vercetti. Tommy was your typical Italian American mobster and his story was deeply engaging. It’s probably for this reason that he also made an appearance in GTA: San Andreas as well.

Trevor Phillips

GTA 5 boasted three main characters as opposed to the previous incarnations that just featured one. All three of the characters are memorable, but perhaps just because of his humorous nature, Trevor is arguably the best. If you have ever seen the film Armageddon, Trevor’s character is similar to the Russian astronaut from that movie, only not Russian. The guy is unhinged and it makes playing through his story an absolute pleasure.

Niko Bellic

Speaking of Russians, Bellic’s character was a real highlight of GTA 4. He didn’t rock the humorous vibe, instead, he carried himself as a downtrodden slav. The character had trecked to the US to live “the American Dream” motivated by his cousin Roman. The only problem being that the dream he is chasing doesn’t really exist. One of the best things about the character was his strong moral compass. Just like every GTA protagonist, of course, he is a criminal, but he is a reluctant one, with a strong moral compass and ethical code.

Michael De Santa

For some reason, I really enjoyed this character. Perhaps in part because he looks exactly like Ray Liotta. But also because he is a chilled out guy who is prone to flip out when he is stressed. I guess in some ways he has a bit of an everyman vibe that makes him relatable. I also really like the fact that he seems to take Franklin under his wing.

Frank Tenpenny

Characters like this are not ten a penny. Sorry I couldn’t resist such an obvious and very poor pun. Tenpenny is one of the main antagonists in San Andreas. His character is extraordinarily memorable as the corrupt cop. It doesn’t hurt that he is voiced by the incredibly talented, Samuel Jackson. With an actor of that calibre portraying the character, he was always going to be a success.

Lance Vance

Lance acts as Tommy’s right-hand man in Vice City and Vice City Stories. The character, with his snappy dress sense and quick quips, is instantly memorable and a real highlight, not only of the game but of the series in general.

Brucie Kibbutz

Brucie-baby! Brucie is the ‘roided up car dealer who forms a large part of the story arch in GTA 4. The GTA series always seems to excel when they introduce larger than life characters and Brucie is a golden example of this. Yes, he is brash and irritating and works out more than any man really should, but you can’t deny that he is unforgettable.

Johnny Klebitz

Okay so Johnny may well be a blatant rip off of Jax Teller, but you have to give it to the character for sticking around, making an appearance in several GTA games as well as being the main character in one of the significant pieces of DLC. The motorbike, gang leader sure is an interesting character and it will be interesting to see if his name pops up in GTA 6 following his death at the hands of Trevor.

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