The Best Sidekicks In Gaming

Every good video game needs a strong main character. Every great video game has a great supporting actor. Here we take a look at some of the best sidekicks and group members in video games. So buckle up for the best buddies.

Elizabeth – Bioshock Infinite

If there was an award purely for being the cutest character then Elizbeth would win it hands down. Perhaps it’s the big eyes or the child-like mannerisms, either way, our views on her range from father-like to flat out conflicted. Unlike some lame sidekicks, she does pitch in, offering clues throughout and aiding with the combat.

Augustus Cole – Gears of War

Okay so the “Cole Train” might not exactly be a nuanced character, but he is hugely entertaining. In a world that can sometimes be a little bleak, Cole’s comic relief and brash over the top energy act a the perfect foil. The only problem with him a lack of depth. Sure they delve briefly into his career as a professional sportsman, but otherwise, they don’t much flesh him out.

Diddy Kong – Donkey kong Country

Okay, so this game wasn’t exactly chock full of intriguing and deep story. So why does Diddy Kong make the list? Well, for a start he Is insanely cute, isn’t he? Not every character could pull off a baseball cap with quite so much aplomb.

Pikachu – Pokémon Yellow

Proof if ever it was needed that talk is cheap. Despite an almost total lack of sound, this gorgeous yellow pocket-sized monster is still able to show more acting chops than the entire cast of Twilight! (bit harsh, perhaps?)

Ellie – Last of Us

Physically Ellie bares more than a passing resemblance to a young Ellen Page (Think Juno era). However, the character is far more complex than that simple description. The game has been praised for its dynamic between Ellie and Joel, the central character whose job it Is to protect Ellie. The game has also received plaudits for the way it handles LGBT themes, making Ellie somewhat of an icon.

Atreus – God of War

Let’s be wholly honest here. The character of Atreus Is basically a kid. But in many ways that makes a refreshing change. So often video game characters are bland, one-dimensional, muscle-bound freaks, you know like Atreus’s dad! I joke but the dynamic between the two characters a surprising emotional depth. Atreus isn’t just there to move the plot along either. He is a dab hand with a ranged weapon and will often bail you out of a sticky spot.

Tails – Sonic the Hedgehog

In many ways, Tails was the perfect foil for Sonic. He was relatively cool, so he didn’t damage the Blue Hedgehog’s persona or cramp his style. Instead, the two had a dynamic where Sonic had taken Tails under his wing. This is represented to some extent in the games, but the vibe is put across more in the cartoons.

Elena Fisher – Uncharted

At first, Elena was meant to just be a minor character in the Uncharted series. That was never going to happen. The voice acting for her character is immense and it was to the surprise of nobody when she got the much-deserved bump from pure love interest to the wife of Nathan Drake. She has since gone on to be one of the most recognisable characters in the video game universe.

Miranda Lawson – Mass Effect

She might not have the best personality of all the Mass effect companions, but at the risk of sounding a tad sexist, she sure did look good in that catsuit! Miranda was one of Shepard love interests in Mass Effect 2 and 3 and personally, I always struggled to not choose her. Stunning and sexy!

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