Game Franchises That Need To Stop Resting On Their Laurels

For every brand spanking new game that comes out, there is a rehashed yearly repeat that is brought to our consoles and we eat it up like it’s the best thing since sliced bread, because it was, back 10 years ago when it was original. This is an article looking at some long-running game series that maybe need to consider re-inventing the wheel.


There is a very good reason why this game appears right at the top of this list. Firstly let me start by saying that since 2K games took over the reins of the WWE games there have been some improvements, but the fact remains that if you ask wrestling fans what the best wrestling games of all time are their answers are usually Fire Pro Wrestling and Here Comes the Pain. To further the embarrassment this year’s effort was an awful, glitch-filled extravaganza which has seen the series seem to take a huge stride backwards.


Okay, so it is fair to say that the current incarnation of FIFA is by far and away the best football simulation of all time. However, if we take a peek back into the past there was a period where FIFA’s annual update was less about minor tweaks and more about game-changing, erm…changes. This was back in the day when Pro Evolution Soccer was serious competition for the game. Those days have sadly past and now it seems that all we get every year is roster updates and improved AI. Yawn.

Call of Duty

The COD series is eagerly anticipated by a host of gamers, mainly ones who are really too young to be playing it. Oddly it seems its popularity has waned of late with the advent of Fortnite. But maybe the reason for its decline in popularity isn’t that it has strong competition, perhaps it’s that the game hasn’t really evolved in any meaningful way. That’s the trouble with games that deal mainly in multiplayer is that if you get them right first time, it is hard to improve upon them massively in the future.


For many, this game is considered untouchable. If you are a huge fan of the NFL then you probably buy this every year. And to give the devil its due let’s not pretend that in the 36 iterations of the game that we have had that there haven’t been improvements. If you were to go back to the first EA NFL offering it is very different from what we have now. However, if you go back 3 or 4 years there haven’t been many great strides made and that’s why Madden makes the list.

Gears of War

Okay, this may seem an odd choice given as Gears is one of my favourite games of all time. But Gears 5 seemed like a step back in some ways. They took Horde mode and imposed restrictions on it that seemed to make it less fun. The new mode they added wasn’t particularly enjoyable and while the story was decent the game launched littered with bugs which really detracted from the experience. This series is sort of suffering from the same issues as COD and needs to innovate for Gears 6.

Football Manager

I love Football manager. If you are British and a football fan then there is a good chance you have dedicated a massive portion of your life to this highly addictive management sim. And while there is no doubt that it is as in-depth now as it has ever been it seems that all we get year after year are subtle tweaks.

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