Who Should Star In Gears Of War Movie?

For the longest time, there has been talk about the Gears of War franchise being brought to the Big Screen. Like with most movies of its type, there has been much speculation as to who would star in the roles should such a movie ever come to fruition. Here is how we would cast the movie.

Marcus Fenix

Why not start with a leftfield suggestion? Marcus is the tough-talking main character. He is strong, muscular and grizzled. Our suggestion for this position is John Travolta. I know it may sound a little crazy but the guy has some serious acting chops. He has come a long way from Grease. If you are concerned that he won’t look the part in Gears, check out the cover art for the movie From Paris With Love.

Don Santiago

Don has a vaguely Hispanic look., which makes sense with a name like Santiago It also makes casting him complex. Especially given that he is involved in some of the series most emotional moments. Although he may not have global appeal, we would probably give this role to someone like Amaury Nolasco from Prison Break who is likeable and a decent actor.

General Raam

For this “Big Bad” we need a truly imposing character. Given that the monster has very little dialogue, a great physique is more important than a stellar performance. It’s for that reason we think Dave Bautista would be good here. He certainly excelled as Drax.

Locust Queen

The queen is oddly attractive, in a kind of, “I live in the ground and am a giant parasite” kind of way. Because once again she is pretty jacked we think using another wrestler would be a smart call, and Charlotte Flair seems perfect for the part. Of all the current women’s roster, she is one of the more confident actors, plus you know she will look the part.

Augustus Cole

Let’s be honest here Cole is going to be the character that really brings this movie to life. We are going to suggest that Travolta gets to team with his Pulp Fiction buddy Samuel L Jackson. This guy has range. While he may not have the figure of some he would certainly portray the character well.

Damon Baird

It’d really hard to look beyond Shaun William Scott for this part. Perhaps it’s the hair or maybe it is the humour but we can’t help feel he would be a perfect fit.

Colonel Hoffman

Here is a character that needs an older actor. Someone with a few wrinkles and a heap of gravitas. As much as I’ve wracked my brain for ideas I keep coming back to Bryan Cranston for this role. During his peak Heisenburg stint on Breaking Bad, he really stole the show, that’s why we think he would really bring something to this important role.

Lieutenant Mihn

Firstly, I’m fairly certain the Mihn is supposed to be Asian, but he is the least Asian looking Asian I have seen. There is a part of me thinking that former wrestler Kurt Angle, with his balding head would be a good fit, but it isn’t quite right. So we have plumped for Michael Paul Chan. Not only does he look the part but he is a skilled actor who would elevate a part that the games left feeling underdeveloped.

Tai Kaliso

Given the “Island Heritage” and the fact that we really want to shoehorn him into this movie we would give this position to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who else? He already has the tats to pull off the part, but they might need to make him more important than he was in the games.

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