Games To Play While “Taking A Break”

We live in an era of tablets and mobile devices. No longer is gaming restricted to when we are sat in front of the TV or our PC. Not only can we get gaming on the go, but we can also get gaming on the john! Every serious gamer takes their mobile with them if they are going for number 2. Here are some games we recommend for a short session on the loo.

Candy Crush

There are countless iterations of this match 3 classic. Pick the most recent one and battle your way through. Often a toilet break is an ample time for you to knock out a round, making it a perfect game for a comfort break.

Doodle Jump

This game is so simple and doesn’t need any long term investment, plus it’s free and doesn’t contain intrusive adverts. Can you really ask for much more than that? This game is so perfect for toilet stops that it led to me coining the phrase, “going for a doodle poo” yes it’s grim, but we all do it.

Jet Pack Jump

You know when you are playing a game with loads of adverts, and then those adverts lead to you downloading a different game? This was one of those games. The premise is simple, you are a triple jumper. The further you jump the more cash you get. You use the cash to upgrade your jet pack (what, they haven’t technically been banned in the Olympics!) rinse and repeat. Doing a single jump takes about 30 seconds, it’s just a fun pick up and play title.

This popular browser game now has a home on mobile devices. The premise is similar to most .io games. You eat stuff and get bigger. In this world, you control a small cell. The goal is to grow your mass. You do this by eating cellular junk kicking around, and by devouring other players. You can also split your cell to get a speed boost. The trouble is the larger you get the slower you get. Plus you lose mass naturally over time so in the words of Dory, “Just keep swimming”.

Flip Dunk

Okay so the ads on this can be a bit cumbersome, but you can pay to get rid. If you can tolerate the ads this is a neat free game with simple controls and an addictive mechanic. It’s pretty straight forward. You control a dude or dudette with fab ragdoll mechanics and your goal is to score baskets using as many flips as possible. The difficulty grows as you jump from increasing heights and new obstacles are added. Addictive stuff.

Game of Evolution

Another quirky mobile title I stumbled upon. Yes, it has ads but they are optional. Yes, it has a premium currency, but it’s optional. The gameplay consists of pairing up animals to evolve them into more complex animals and tapping on your animals to get cash, which you can then use to buy upgrades and copies of animals. There are a wealth of games of this ilk. But this one has cute graphics and a classic reset for perks mechanic that defines all good idle games. Perfect for a session on the porcelain throne.

Bit Life

This has been kicking around for ages. There are plenty of life sims out there. This one is particularly quirky, having badges for all kinds of deeds and of course, misdeeds offer great replayability. One day I may complete a playthrough of a character and not become a trampy degenerate, probably.

Llama Spit Spit

Firstly llamas are cool. Secondly, games, where you control a projectile spitting lama and scroll up a screen with cutesie graphics and funky end bosses, is even cooler. The rounds handily last about as long as a number two. Tidy.

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