These Party Games Need To Make A Comeback

Party games are not generally what we go home and play after a long day at work. They are used primarily at parties, oddly enough! In the past few years, we have seen a decline in the humble party game. They don’t seem to make as much moolah as their AAA cousin and this might be why they are less common. Below are some of the best, and therefore ones we would like remastered, or given sequel or three.


There were other games of this ilk but these two were undeniably the best. The premise is simple, it’s basically karaoke but with a competitive element. With DLC being what it Is today you could offer songs up for £2 a pop and people would lap it up for their party! It has been a while since a game like this has been released and the new generation of consoles Is crying out for it.

Wii Sports/Kinect sports

I know that the Kinect was much maligned. And with good reason to be quite honest. But the sports game that it came with was actually a lot of fun. Bowling on the Kinect was as good, if not better than its Wii cousin, darts was immense too. Unfortunately, the Sports game for the Kinect 2 was not so good. Either way, we want more sports games that get us moving around.

You’re in the movies

This Is another classic Kinect game that didn’t really get the credit It deserved. While it severely lacked any kind of polish it was so much fun miming along to iconic movie scenes. I can’t help but feel that on some levels this game acted as a precursor to TikTok.


More of a collection of party games, but there are some belters in among their many collections. One of them is ostensibly a rip off of Cards Against Humanity, using your mobile to answer the questions in the most amusing way possible. Then there’s Fibbage, here the idea is to convince the rest of your party that your lie Is the truth! They are available on most consoles. The Xbox version Is currently free with X-Box’s game pass.

Mario Kart

From the old school SNES version to the modern switch incarnation, this game has a charm and simplicity that makes it perfect for parties. The modern incarnation can have up to 8 playing at one time. The possibilities.

Kinect adventures

It would have been fair to say that this was really more of a tech demo, but in many ways, it was the Kinect’s best title. Not only did it get you flapping your arms and jumping around but it took pictures of you doing it to boot.

Smash Bros

Take a bunch of some of the best video game character of all time and make them fight. What is not to like? The more players you have, the better.

Just Dance

This is another example of a game that was taken to the next level by the Kinect. Unfortunately, we will probably never see another incarnation of Microsoft’s pet project, but if they did release a new version we would be in the queue for a dance game.


Overcooked will turn you and anybody playing the game with you into a Gordon Ramsey clone. I literally found myself yelling obscenities at my 8-year-old stepson. Well, it was his job to chop and I had run out of onions. The simple gameplay belies the challenge of working as a team.

Super Bomberman

This classic multiplayer battler is best played with 4 or more. It becomes so much more tactical battling against human opponents, especially when there are plenty of them.

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