These Games Need To Become Movies

Recently we looked at how they might cast a Gear of War movie. The reality is there have been a heap of video game movies, some have been half-decent. Most have been bad – yes, I’m looking at you, Tomb Raider. But that doesn’t mean that they still shouldn’t happen. Here are our suggestions.

Bioshock Infinite

The story to this epic, best-selling game was convoluted at times, but always interesting and thought-provoking. The BioShock games always manage to create a vivid and highly stylised world. Seeing that brought to the big screen would be intriguing. It would be fascinating to see if a director could capture the games unique black comedy in the movies.

Gears of War

As we have talked about before the Gears of War franchise Is ripe for the picking when it comes to games that could make sweet movies. The stories of the actual games have always been funny but with a sentimental edge (spoilers ahead) just recall the scene where Dom finds Maria, or When Dom eventually Faces his heroic end. Both moments left gamers with a lump in their throat.


These games are similar in style to Tomb Raider, but hopefully, they would make a far better movie! There is more than a little Indiana Jones about Nathan Drake. In fact, Harrison Ford was cited as one of the main influence on his character, alongside Johnny Knoxville of all people! The games could make for a swashbuckling adventure, the likes we haven’t seen since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Far Cry 3

These games are famed for their storytelling. Far Cry begins with a human trafficking schtick. And the action grows as the game unfolds. The scenery is breath-taking and having a film set against the backdrop of a paradise while having a harrowing story is an intriguing juxtaposition. It certainly works for the game and it would be interesting to see how it translates to the silver screen.

Knights of the Old Republic

Okay, so I acknowledge that there are Star Wars movies already. Lots of them. However, Bioware managed to catch lightning in a bottle with their RPG KOTOR. It had a great underlying story, arguably one of the greatest in videogame history. And the twist at the end was insane. As a fan, we were treated to a Revan-like mask adorned by Kylo Ren, but let’s be honest, Kylo was no Revan!


This classic strategy game actually had a pretty compelling story. It is rare for the story mode in strategy gams to be anything other than tacked on. But in StarCraft the tale of the three waring factions was intriguing. The decent voice acting, and swanky graphics helped of course.


Okay, so there are movies based in a post-apocalyptic world. But none have yet approached this in the slick way that the Fallout series has. Whenever you play the games you can’t help but consider what they would look like in a cinema.


There was actually rumours Rockstar Games was growing into the movie wold. And who is to say it wouldn’t be a great move? Their penchant for gritty crime would make for great movies. They could even base them in different time periods as they have with the games.

Call of Duty

Especially the Modern Warfare series, this is where the thought-provoking stories seem to have sprung up. There are not a lot of good war movie in this day and age and the COD team could well remedy that.

Mass Effect

Bioware just gets story, or at least they used to. The Mass Effect series is one of the most beloved of all time and already contains a cinema-like quality. If this happens we demand that Seth Green reprises his role as Joker.

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