Brand New O2 Ad Has Us Singing In The Rain

O2 are always considered pretty decent at promoting their brand. They are seemingly continuing to excel with their latest campaign promoting their custom plans.

Brand new advert

The O2 ert has been designed by the company VCCP and features the classic track, Light by Michael Kiwanuka. The advert which is entitled “you’re a headline act” plays out a lovely story as an unnamed man strolls through a park under the cover of moonlight. His phone then dies (we have all been there, right?) and the world around him seems to light up and become like a scene from a musical.

The stage is set

A stage appears beneath him and the scene is lit up by lasers shooting out of cars, creating a real spectacle. It is then that the man who is the focal point of the advert begins dancing and singing. He swings around lampposts, much akin to Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain. However he is woken from, what we can only assume is, his dream to find a brand new phone in his hand. I wish that happened to me. When my battery runs out I get told off by my other half.

Setting out their stall

The point of the advert? Its goal is to talk up O2’s custom plans. The good thing about these is that they are totally customisable so if you want a lengthy contract you can now have one, if you are someone who wants a new phone more regularly, then you can do that now (albeit at a higher price!) Also there are lots of shorter options with a larger upfront cost.

Great place to debut

The advert is set to make its TV debut during tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Takeaway. The show made its long-awaited comeback last week and got the ITV a massive spike in ratings. So it is a good slot for O2 to make the maximum impact with their latest promotion. Following on from the TV spot the company is promoting this latest concept through the internet, print media and various other outlets.

Creative team

The campaign is the brainchild of Sam Sword and Harry Osborne (not the one from spiderman) and has been directed by Georgia Hudson. The crew are all part of Park Pictures. However, the media aspect is being handled by Havas.
It isn’t just their deals that are becoming bespoke. They have customisational deal in conjunction with Spotify. In addition to this, they are working on new interactive material for their social media platforms allowing users to effectively see if they can alter their existing tariff to fit more with their ideal plan.

Wise words from the folks at O2

The chief marketing officer at O2, Nina Bibby, said. “We’re a brand that’s built around our customers and that’s why we’re excited to launch this new campaign that brings to life that special feeling of what it’s like to be with O2. This year marks the 18th birthday of the O2 brand and, as the UK’s number one network with industry-leading levels of loyalty, this campaign really demonstrates how customers continue to be our headline act.”

The future’s bright, the future is O2

It was only a few months ago that O2 produced a brand new campaign to show off its pay-as-you-go service. In addition to this, the company has announced that it will be reviewing its CRM account. Put this all together and it is fair to say that it is an exciting time for the company and probably quite cool if you are a loyal O2 customer or thinking of joining their network.

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