Drugs Rife In Call Of Duty League

Drugs tests are common in professional sports. For starters, it is important to make sure that players aren’t cheating to gain an advantage. When you consider the gambling industry this makes perfect sense. But then there is the health of the players themselves to consider. Drugs can be addictive, they can contain side effects. Even recreational drugs can be a detriment.

Most drugs used by professional sportsmen are to performance-enhancing. Steroids, for instance, can be used to increase muscular strength which can improve speed power.

Nobody is safe

Given that the eSports industry relies less on physical attributes you might think that it would be safe from performance enhancers. Personally, I could understand recreational drugs being problematic after all gamers sometimes have a reputation for smoking certain substances. But we would all be wrong. Suggestions have come out recently that drug use is rife in eSports, particularly in the Call of Duty league.


It takes a brave man to come out and talk about issues within the sport but that is exactly what Killa has done. The noted esports player has been vocal about the use of the substance Adderall in the Call of Duty league.
Speaking to the Washington post he delivered a damning judgement on the use of drugs in the league.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a drug most commonly used by ADHD sufferers. It is shown to have a 70-80% success rate in improving the concentration of people with the condition. But it has also been shown to have a positive effect on those who don’t have the condition, hence the fact it is being abused. After all, having improved concentration is a big boon in a twitch shooter the requires stellar reactions. Of course, it isn’t just gamers that abuse the drug, perhaps more famously students will quite often pop an Adderall when they need to pull an all nightery. I wish they had existed when I was a student, I had to survive on Coca Cola and Red Bull.

Getting the edge

Here is the thing. In a lot of people who don’t suffer from ADHD, the drug can help their reaction speeds, leading to them having an edge over their opponents. Because the effects are well known a lot of eSports leagues have started to test for the substance but in that respect, the COD league is behind its rivals.
Player speaks out

Killa has said about the subject “Nobody talks about it because everyone is on it,” The former world champ was quizzed on whether he has ever seen anybody actually taking the drug he replied with, “Witnessed? Yeah, very frequently and a lot to be honest. It’s a major problem.”

Reason for leaving

Killa shot to prominence through his role in the team Fariko. He stepped away from the sport last year. One of his main reasons for leaving was the reported use of drugs, he even commented, “The Adderall abuse was too much to keep up with.”

This may seem like a shock to a casual fan. But industry insiders will know it has been an issue for a while and that It has got progressively more prominent. It isn’t just Adderall either, drugs like Ritalin, another ADHD med have also been taken advantage of. There is no doubt that the situation needs controlling, but it would appear the organisers don’t quite know how to regulate it.

It’s a situation that has lingered behind the scenes for years. However, it’s unknown how the usage of Adderall, as well as other substances like Vyvanse and Ritalin, will be regulated, particularly in the Call of Duty League.

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