What To Do If Your Phone Battery Is On Critical

We have all be there. You are about to go on a lengthy train ride. You have an important business meeting and you realise that you thought you had left your phone on charge overnight, but it transpires that it wasn’t quite plugged in properly. Yes, this is a great time to plug wireless charging (pun intended). So what do you do in this scenario? Here are a few tips to get you through.

Bring your charger

This seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Now not all trains have plugs so you can juice your phone up, but many of them will have. So it is always worth just taking your charger along with you just in case. The worst-case scenario is that you take it for no reason, and is that really the end of the world? Also even if they don’t have a place to charge on the train they may well do in any station coffee shops you may happen to pop into. That 5 minutes of extra juice could go a long way.

Dim your screen

This is annoying. Particularly in the summer where screens can get really hard to see. Yes, you know that it would be a doddle to see the screen with the brightness turned up to its delicious maximum but that just isn’t an option right now so just put it on the bare minimum and squint, it’s better than nothing after all.

Try and find a friendly person with a galaxy

No not the chocolate bar. The S10 onwards supports phone to phone wireless charging. So you can literally steal somebody else’s juice to power your own phone. Obviously, if you are travelling with a colleague who has this phone then this is a handy solution. If you are not then you have to be what British people sometimes refer to as a bit “necky” asking a stranger on the train to use their phone to leech off it is a touch on the cheeky side. But out of sheer embarrassment, they might say yes, so why not?

Avoid using it too much

I know, the shock horror of a person suggesting that a 21st-century human being actually put their phone away for five minutes. Buy yourself a newspaper and have a read. Or better yet start a conversation with a chirpy looking stranger on the train, unless they are wearing some kind of face mask! Depending on how long your journey is, check your phone periodically to see if any of the messages you have received need a response and if they don’t enjoy some of the scenery whizzing past your window, or have a nap. This is the joys of the train!

Adjust your settings

If you go into the setting of your phone it will have a battery saving mode. As someone who frequently forgets to actually charge their mobile device, this technique has got me out of a pickle on more occasions than I could really care to mention. It does reduce the screen quality and make your menu screen very basic but it can transform minutes of battery life into an hours worth of battery. So really this is a necessity if you are going to make it through the journey with your phone still “alive”

Invest in a portable charge kit

You can literally pick these up at Poundland. Albeit a very poor quality version! It is worth forking out for a good quality one though as they can be really handy. Of course, you are then faced with the task of remembering to charge the thing! And seeing as you forgot to charge your phone correctly in the first place this might not be the right call for you!

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