Vexstar Steamroll Their Path To The ESL UK Premiership Finals At London ComicCon

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The ESL UK Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Premiership Finals are cresting the horizon, with the two teams set to engage in battle at London ComicCon now locked in – MnM Gaming vs Vexstar will go head to head on the ESL Main stage in a bid to be crowned as champions.

The first series of the competitions penultimate fixtures was somewhat anti-climatic. Unfortunately, FM eSports were unable to field a complete roster, meaning that match was given by default over to Fish123.

To compensate for the disappointment of the opening match, the last game of the group stages provided viewers with the perfect appetiser for the finals at ComicCon: Vexstar vs Fish123 – a rematch from the promotions series that was narrowly clinched by Vexstar in a 2-1 win the first time around.

Source: ESL UK Flickr
Source: ESL UK Flickr

On paper, most fans and analysts chalked up Fish123 as the favourite moving into this game. With a roster boasting some veteran names from the UK CS:GO scene on their roster, Fish have always been considered a potent force, yet in the opening round against Vexstar, it became clear they would be well matched on every corner of the map:

Vexstar came out swinging from the beginning of the first round, displaying a undeterred will to win, not only to their opponents, but also the viewers at home. The tournament hopefuls sealed a convincing 2-0 scoreline over Fish123, staking their claim for the grand prize ahead of their rematch vs MnM.

“A shorter night than expected, but certainly the result Vexstar deserve.

“I fully believe if they can perform like this at ComicCon, MnM are really going to have their work cut out in the finals. MCM is playing out to be an absolutely fantastic event!”

Joe “Muchables” Fenny

The finals are decided and the grudge match is on the cards: MnM Gaming vs Vexstar on the ESL Main stage are ComicCon. Vexstar have developed as a team since their last bought, can they surprise everyone and best MnM? It was a 3-0 last time they met, but their shot at redemption lives on!

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