How Nike Are Staying Strong Through Pandemic

In these times where positivity is in short supply, it is great to see strong brands speak up and portray themselves as strong. And in many ways, Nike is synonymous with strength owing not just to the fact that they are a global powerhouse, but also because they provide people with clothes that they use in the gym, you know to grow stronger.

Nike is trying to be proactive in their efforts to aid the community and attempting to do their bit to combat this global pandemic. They hope that their stance will not only take the fight to coronavirus but also strengthen its already strong position. The approach it is taking is simplistic in so much as they have adjusted their focus to e-commerce. Through using this tactic the hope is it will help to keep people inside and therefore keep them safe.

Current situation

Nike’s chief executive officer, John Donahue addressed the current situation recently during an analyst call. This in the wake of announcing their quarterly results. He declared how it was vital that Nike do its part. He went on to clarify that to that end it’s manufacturing teams are hard at work looking at designs of innovative personal protective equipment for frontline staff such as doctors and nurses.

It is also trying to help consumers who are suffering financially due to lockdowns. The Nike exercise app now has a free ninety days trial of its premium features. And the brand has promised to keep paying its staff despite stores being closed and a lack of demand for their products at the moment.

Playing its part

The brand is also trying to do its bit by spreading a positive message through its marketing. It is backing the government’s plans to get everyone self-isolating by encouraging people to stay healthy and connected while at home. Donahue commented,

“We know this is a moment in society when the private sector has a major role to play. Companies like Nike need to do our part. While this is an uncertain and challenging time, Nike has the foundation in place to emerge from it stronger than ever. Thanks to our competitive advantages, the power of our brand in connection with consumers, our digital capabilities, our compelling product innovation and most importantly, our extraordinary team, we will manage our business back to full recovery. We know in times like these that strong brands get even stronger. And I truly believe that no one is better equipped than Nike to navigate the current climate.”

good news

There is good news of course. While things appear to be getting worse in Europe and the US, China seems to be coming out of the tunnel and seeing an improvement. Watching how Asian companies have conducted themselves has allowed Nike to conduct their best market strategy.

As an example, they spotted that the use of their activity apps was up massively, almost 80 percent compared to the begging of this quarter. This suggested a strong use of their commerce app. And their digital sales were also up by around thirty percent.

While most of the company’s outlets in China are now back open, their digital business is still accelerating and the majority of their stores are doing similar numbers to what they were before the outbreak. Pointing to a strong strategy as Donahoe commented,

“Our experience in China, Japan and South Korea gives us confidence that we will see the other side of this crisis soon. And I can assure you this, as the situation continues to evolve, we will be ready and we will respond. We’ll be guided by our values, and we will execute with empathy and with decisiveness.”

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