About Us

The Versed: Stories that go further.
We are creators of thought provoking content for tomorrow’s generation.
We create the stories that go further – data-driven content that is both thought provoking, relatable and visual. Fusing the intersection of individual passions with the hidden story – we are a home for the culturally inspired, intrigued and inquisitive generation of digital consumers.
This is a media brand for the generation who want to know both sides of the story:
  • A generation who want something more
  • A generation who value truth
  • A generation who want to be captivated
Our guiding values:
  • We exist for Tomorrow’s generation
  • We want to create content that stays with the reader long after they have consumed it
  • Tomorrow’s generation don’t always share a common age range but DO share a common mindset
  • Tomorrow’s generation is tired of fake and overtly opinionated news
  • Tomorrow’s generation doesn’t want to read viral clickbait
  • Tomorrow’s generation wants to be captivated, informed, and challenged

If you have any questions, queries or would like to chat please contact us here.

The Versed is part of CLICKON Media.