• posted an update Billie Graves 3 weeks ago

    As I promised exactly in the post of the era of social media marketing optimization , this time I want to share how to create a fan page and like button on your website / blog that has become a part of social media marketing optimization (Facebook Marketing).

    At first glance there is nothing out of the ordinary to create a fan page and like button on a blog, but if you look further, then making this page actually has many benefits.

    Some of them are increasing website traffic . It’s clear, just name the optimization of social media, then we will maximize the use of this social media site in panning traffic by adopting the concept of viral marketing , precisely our website gets more familiar when people become fans simply by pressing the like button.

    On one hand, when a visitor to your Veepn.com site presses the download button, then the status and profile of that person on Facebook will show that you like the site. The effect is that the person’s friends will carry over and usually among them also join in liking your site.

    Facebook marketing strategy is what makes your site will be flooded with traffic and become popular, not to mention the visitors intentionally share it with other friends, so you can be sure your site will be flooded with free traffic.

    Is only the website / blog that is liked that benefits?

    Of course not, people who like or become a fan page on a website can also benefit, that is, when a photo is displayed on the web / blog, for people who are interested they will also see a profile that ends up also seeing the website too, especially liking a website which has high traffic.