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    “Matemarketing” in the classroom bringing mathematics to the real world
    Mathematics is present among all subjects as tough cookie, the difficult subject, one that does not really know what is going to serve and sometimes has no apparent direct application. Either by tradition or perhaps because really there is some truth in it.Algebraic expressions? Functions? Equations? “And that to me is going to serve?” Are questions that we have had to face in class more than once. And with good reason: lack some marketing math to “sell” something better.
    The mathematics of life
    A weather prediction, the lighting of a lamp, launching dice, the formation of a snowflake, the rotation of a spinning top, increasing a magnifying glass, the growth of a plant, the aerodynamics of the wing of an airplane or sending data over a computer network. They are physical phenomena that have their particular mathematical formulation.
    Mathematics, rightly viewed, not only possess truth, but supreme beauty. A beauty cold and austere, without the gorgeous trappings of painting or music.Meanwhile, Ian Stewart , Professor of Mathematics at the University of Warwick, calls it “The mathematics of life,” and with this same title addressed in one of his books the presence of the mathematical world in nature.
    Mathematics of Life
    Ian Stewart As good writer and scientist, relates very enjoyable and educational all matters that relate mathematics and biology shape, and how together, these two disciplines are successfully resolving some of the scientific problems that have accompanied the researchers for years .Without going into mathematical details that students in certain courses can not understand yet, I’m sure some of these issues can be a good starting point to motivate the first classes of any teaching unit. It is true that some textbooks and dedicate some of its sections introduce some curiosities related to the contents. Pages, on the other hand, are often overlooked.
    A new look for mathematics
    It is not in any case make no further introduction activities motivation, exposing various curiosities and spectacular information. If present isolated, unconnected with the following class sessions, spend time preparing these materials will be an effort in vain. With any luck we will have achieved impress our students, but little else.
    The ideal approach a subject like mathematics would keep this curiosity through troubleshooting. It is true that not always easy to accomplish, especially those issues that most “theoretical” are presented. However, the key may be in a “makeover” of the content. And this is precisely what he proposes Dan Meyer in his TED talk four years ago, but it’s worth remembering.
    Dan Meyer, who teaches math in high school, says that “sells a product to a market that does not want it, but you should buy it because the law requires.” He worries that students acquire knowledge over time soon forget. Identifies several signs that something is wrong. In each of their classes has always detected a lack of initiative and perseverance on the part of their students, who have difficulty retaining ideas and showing aversion to descriptive problems Students who do not expect nothing but “the formula” to resolve the situation that they face. Many of the contents in textbooks, follow a similar pattern, which encourages precisely this attitude of lack of perseverance and determination on the part of students to mathematical approaches. Theory and exercises on each page.
    Dan suggests that mathematics need a ‘makeover’, a new look. And for that selects the most important theoretical elements and activities of each theme and reformulated to strengthen precisely mathematical reasoning and problem solving, presenting real-life situations where students really feel that what they are doing is useful. The talk presents some examples. At the end of the day concludes, mathematics “are the vocabulary of your own intuition.”