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    Are you as eco-conscious as you are luxury-conscious? Then this quick guide is just what you need to help you choose a distinguished villa life.

    The trends in luxury home space are changing as the meaning of luxury evolves with rising consciousness towards deteriorating environmental conditions. Luxury is not about overindulgence of resources any more. Sustainability, environment-friendliness and coexistence with nature are new forms of luxury that modern and discerning connoisseurs of high life like you aspire for.

    Living green is the preferred lifestyle choice today as it is the way forward to reduce carbon footprint at individual level. The modern developers and architects are designing eco-luxurious homes that promote green living without compromising on comfort. It is now possible for you to have a home that is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally enhanced, energy efficient, and brimming with nature in its true form. Here are the 7 essential eco-friendly features that you should look for when thinking of upgrading to an eco-conscious luxury villa life.

    1. Native plantations

    Native plantations are local plants, trees and vegetation that belong to the region. Native plantations play a significant role in providing the right environment for the local flora and fauna to flourish. A thoughtfully designed villa community would depend largely on a dense green cover of native fruit trees, medicinal plants, flowering trees, herbs, creepers and grasses that will boost biodiversity on one hand, and help keep the community’s / villa’s micro-climate cooler than the outside world, on the other.

    2. Solar Power

    Your eco-friendly lifestyle is incomplete without solar power. Solar power can not only reduce dependence on fossil-fuel based energy (which is high on carbon emissions), but it can also bring your energy costs down to as low as zero. An eco-conscious luxury villa is installed with enough number of solar panels to meet the energy needs of the family. With designer solar rooftop panels available in the market, the developers are better able to balance efficiency with aesthetics.

    3. Water Management

    When thinking of eco-friendly living, you cannot forget the significant life source that the water is. Extracting water from borewells pushes the water levels down. Modern designers and developers make efforts to replenish water to maintain adequate water levels under the ground. Rainwater harvesting and provision of percolation wells are one of the key eco-friendly features you must look for when buying your villa.

    4. Controlled Indoor Temperature

    Your luxury villa can be truly energy efficient with the help of natural ambient lighting and cooling. A scientifically designed villa is built uniquely in accordance with the natural sun path and wind direction. It reduces the need for artificial light and cooling, while naturally controlling the indoor temperature.

    5. Organic Vegetable and Fruit Garden

    Having ample space and guidance to grow own organic food is something we all desire. Kitchen garden is a great luxury indeed. You can nurture your own mini-farm, see your food grow from seed to fruit, and enjoy home-grown organic veggies and fruits. Besides, it adds beauty to your surroundings while keeping the environment around fresh, clean and pure. It also provides you with the opportunity to spend quality time with your family as you grow, nurture and harvest together.

    6. Outdoor Spaces

    Spaciousness within the villa is luxurious. Spaciousness outside the villa is eco-luxurious. An eco-friendly villa is typically for those who like to enjoy outdoor spaces more than the indoor spaces. Open, verdant, naturally enhanced outdoor spaces give you the sense of freedom. It allows you to breathe fresh air, laze under the trees and gaze at the stars. It gives you the chance to live your life to the fullest in the company of nature. An ideal eco-friendly villa will have more outdoor space compared to the constructed space.

    7. Coexistence and Biodiversity

    Your eco-luxurious villa is a place where you coexist with nature in all its glory. It is a place where biodiversity thrives as it provides ample ground for all species to flourish. The profuse trees and plantations can attract a variety of bees and birds and butterflies to give you the authentic living experience amid nature.

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