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    Why You Should Avoid Harsh Language in Essay Writing

    When writing highly-opinionated writing pieces and essays, it is very appealing to use harsh language to make your point stand out. After all, people tend to pay attention to such indecency. This approach might be effective to grab the reader’s attention but it can leave your paper looking unprofessional and a bit unfit for mass consumption. Especially in business and academic writing, it is important to make sure the writing highlights the positive.

    The best writers can easily express an important point without using harsh language. Using offensive language is simply too powerful and critical when creating a necessary effect. It can easily turn against you so if you don’t know how to do it. It is better to avoid using such language in your writing pieces, especially for academic papers.

    If you want to tone down the obscene words and statements in your copy, here are a number of approaches that you have a look at.

    Include Quote

    One of the best approaches is to quote other people’s work expressing the same statements. If you want to condemn an action of some famous personality in a harsh manner, you can include someone else’s quote who felt that in the same way. In this way, you can make sure expressing obscenity works in your favor.

    Use Obscene Language In Your Text For Once

    Using obscene language in writing is acceptable for once if it fits the entire context of the paper. If it is important, you can make sure its impact is felt by using it as the lead sentence or even as a stand-alone paragraph to achieve the purpose.

    Code it

    The best approach that can be utilized is to code the obscene language. By code, we mean statements like “F-f”, “@**!”, and “a ****Ie”. In this way, your reader will get the idea of what you trying to say without stating it as it is. These codes will trigger a lot of red flags in your grammar software so don’t panic if you get a lot of error messages.

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