Money Grab: Nashville Fast-Tracked For MLS Expansion Team After $250M Stadium Deal

The city of Nashville practically punched its ticket to be one of the cities that receives the next available MLS expansion team by announcing a $250M deal to build a 27,000-seat stadium to house the new team. To be clear, Nashville has not yet been awarded an MLS bid. Watch the presentation online at […]

Beast Mode: Marshawn Lynch Caught “Shaking Dem Dreads” On JumboTron

The Oakland Raiders may have pissed off their fans by announcing their departure of the Bay Area in years to come, but they definitely gave the city a peace offering this off-season. By successfully negotiated a deal with the Seattle Seahawks for running back Marshawn Lynch, who would only come out of retirement to play […]

Bo Jackson would not play football if given another opportunity

During the 1980s, there were few athletes that were as popular as the man known as Bo Jackson. A Heisman Trophy winner while at Auburn University, a top outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, and eventually a bruising running back with the NFL’s Los Angeles Raiders. There have been other two sport stars – Deon […]

The 10 best uniforms in sports history

If you’re a sports fan like myself, you probably have certain teams from each sport that you like to root for, which means you probably own a jersey of a certain player from that team. There are certain times, though, when the team you root for has an ugly ass jersey, and whenever you wear […]

WATCH: NFL player’s gold chain snatched on live TV

If you thought shooting himself in the leg during preseason would be the most asinine thing Aqib Talib would do all season, you’re wrong, because he really tried to snatch Michael Crabtree’s chain when the Broncos and Raiders met. Ripped that sucker right in half. The ultimate disrespect. If you’re like me, you like when the […]

The Oakland Raiders are officially the NFL’s best dark horse

At the start of the season, the Oakland Raiders were a trendy pick to make the playoffs, almost certainly as a wild card team; but not many expected them to race off into a top position in the AFC. After a comfortable 33-16 victory over Jacksonville on Sunday, Oakland is now 5-2 and sits atop […]