Ranking The The PGA TOUR’s Biggest Douchebags


The PGA TOUR has seen its fair share of prima donnas over the years. At CLICKON Golf, we believe in calling people out when we see douchey behavior, and these 4 golfers set alarm bells ringing when it comes to bad attitude on and off the course.

Bubba Watson (Douchebag Score: 97.2)

bubba watson

Jimmy: If there’s one person I can’t stand, it’s a bigot. When he called gay people “sinners”, I wanted to knock him out. Who does he think he is? Douchebag Ranking: 96/100
Dave: Voted most hated golfer by his peers. That’s all the info I need. Douchebag Ranking: 91/100
Mel B: Without doubt an embarrassment to this nation. He represents everything that is bad about golf and the south. Get rid of him. Douchebag Ranking: 100/100

Patrick Reed (Douchebag Score: 92.6/100)

patrick reed
Jimmy: I’ve got  feeling he’s not dissimilar to Bubba, seems a bit of a redneck. He’s already been heard using the word “faggot” and god knows what else.  Douchebag Ranking: 93/100
Dave: Arrogant. Vile. Get him off the TOUR. Douchebag Ranking: 96/100
Mel B: I’m going to give this kid a chance as he’s young. He doesn’t seem like a nice guy, but hey, maybe he’ll turn it around? Douchebag Ranking: 89/100

Robert Allenby (Douchebag Ranking: 90)


Jimmy: Lol, the kidnapping story was hilarious. More of a joke than a douche, but still deserves his place on this list. Douchebag Ranking: 87/100
Dave: According to several players I’ve spoken to, Allenby is not a guy you want to hang out with. Treats his caddie like a dog. Douchebag Ranking: 94/100
Mel B: He’s had a pretty bad 2015, hasn’t he? First the kidnapping story, then the caddie shenanigans.  Douchebag Ranking: 89/100

Rory Sabbatini (Douchebag Ranking: 86.3)

Sabbatini FI

Jimmy: Temper problems are just one of the many dick-qualities Rory Sabbatini possesses. He should’ve been kicked off the TOUR years ago for the Ben Crane incident. Douchebag Ranking: 85/100

Dave: The Saddam Hussein of the PGA TOUR. Total asshole. Douchebag Ranking: 99/100
Mel B: I’ve seen him smile, but I’ve also seen him explode. I don’t know what to really make of him, but there’s no doubt he belongs on this list.  Douchebag Ranking: 75/100