Bubba Watson ruins Stephen Curry’s interview after Game 3 blowout

Leave it to Bubba Watson to make everything about him. After the Golden State Warriors blowout win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Watson decided to make a television appearance during Stephen Curry’s interview with ESPN.

The NBA finals are well under way with the Warriors making moves early. Last night they beat the Cavs to bring themselves to a 3-0 lead over the LeBron lead team. That means, if the Warriors win one more game they’ve got the trophy in the bag. Team leader Curry is getting a ton of credit for the win, and so of course reporters are going to want to talk to him after the game.

Cue Watson. During Curry’s interview with ESPN, the Master champion brought the attention away from basketball.


Honestly, this wasn’t the worst kind of publicity for golf. One of the biggest games in the NBA and the winning Captain is talking about the U.S. Open next week. I’m sure a lot of people watching didn’t even have a clue that there was a pending major just beyond the horizon. The fact that now an entirely different sport fanbase knows that Steph Curry will be watching, is a great thing.

It’s actually funny because Bubba was actually there to see LeBron, not Curry. Obviously he was happy to see both of them, but his Twitter was full with Cav pride.

LeBron was NOT happy after his 3rd loss against the Warriors, so he chose the right NBA MVP to approach. Curry is an avid golfer as well, so he probably knows him better than any average joe shmoe.

Curry could end up watching the U.S. Open in person if he wants. The 7 game series that was supposed to overlap with the major at Erin Hills, could be ending sooner rather than later. How exciting.

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