Coutinho’s new contract highlights a surprising wage gap

Players get it easy nowadays. As soon as they hit some form, all they have to do is leak a transfer rumour, like a rival team’s Instagram page, and a new contract worth twice their old one will find its way to them. So to keep Coutinho, Liverpool have had to really splash out to warn off any potential suitors.

Don’t get me wrong; Coutinho’s a good player, a great one even, but I’m not sure a player who has been at a club for four years with no trophies to show for it should be earning that much. It’s even stranger when you consider some of the players he’s now earning more than.

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Players have all the power now. Greed and envy have corrupted football. Now all players care about is proving how important they are by forcing clubs to give them new contracts. Showing their skill on the football pitch is never enough and how much they earn is the only measure of talent they care about. Whatever happened to loyalty?!

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