WATCH: This is undoubtedly Rory McIlroy’s best interview ever

Rory McIlroy dialed in to talk with the boys from NoLayingUp in a wide-ranging, candid, hour-long talk. It was one of the Ulsterman’s most revealing and thoroughly interesting interviews to date.

Unfortunately, Soly and friends have been usurped by Billy, the European Tour’s crack question-asker.

Not totally sure about the cultural appropriation of the garb at the front end, but we’ll leave that for more academic minds.

Delighted that Billy gets right down to business with the “Rory hair” photo.


“What were you thinking?” is right. To say that the pre-Nike era McIlroy looked like he was wearing an afro wig would be generous. And is that dandruff on his shoulder? F me.

Props to Billy as well for raking Rory over the coals for his Zika excuse and Wozniacki split…and the box of socks. Brilliant. Also nice to see the full Irish golf tan in effect with the pool-bound leap.

Also notable: Billy’s question about asking Tiger Woods for pickup lines represents the only mention of the infidelity king’s wandering eye from a major golf media outlet in years.

Out of the mouths of babes, indeed.

If Billy doesn’t eventually get to sit down with Tiger, we’ll be more heartbroken than Rachel Uchitel after finding out she wasn’t Woods’ only port of call.


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