The transformation: How Lee Westwood lifted his way to an athlete’s physique

Lee Westwood quietly transformed himself into one of the broadest golfers in the game. We look at how the 43-year-old trains away from the course.

Fitness and golf have a long and misunderstood history. People like Brandel Chamblee are allowed to propagate misinformation based on a few lazy and baseless observations.  He points the finger at Tiger Woods, arguing that his injuries stem from his long held obsession with the gym. This completely ignores the biggest reason Tiger’s body has given up: swinging a golf club for 38 years has a ruinous affect on the body.

Since when were fat middle-aged men allowed to give their two cents on a topic they are so obviously unqualified to talk about? Rory McIlroy was so irritated by the likes of Brandel Chamblee’s inane advice, that he posted several clips of his workout routine, and yes, Rory’s workout routine includes heavy lifting!

Lee Westwood is another player who chose to embrace the gym, and the results speak for themselves. An unashamed lover of the finer things–Guinness and cocktails to name a few–he would be the first to admit his conditioning was poor in the early part of his career. As you can see, those days are in the past.

Lee Westwood’s workout routine:

Lee goes through a gruelling workout regime, designed specifically for him to achieve peak conditioning four times a year. Like any athlete, Lee focuses on compound movements; bench, squats and deadlifts, provide the focus for his sessions. So remember, lift heavy and often! Gary Player approves this message.

PGA TOUR players who hit the gym, hard!

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