Females Turning It Around For Reebok

Early 2016 saw Reebok – owned by Adidas – head back into the gym, with the declining brand being giving some much-needed attention  – in 2015 sales target for the brand were cut by a third after two quarters of declining sales.

Like any gym-goer knows, it would’ve been easy for Adidas to cut their losses on the brand that, during the 80s was *the* choice of the sporting world. However, like getting fit, the ability to make changes was very much in Adidas’ hand.

“We are sticking with Reebok.”

Adidas Chief Executive Herbert Hainer, speaking in 2015

Late 2016 saw the second part of Reebok’s ‘Be More Human’ campaign, fronted by model, Gigi Hadid, the clever hashtag campaign #PerfectNever was the coming together of hundreds of women from all walks of life to challenge the notion of perfection.

At a time when a millennial generation is striving more than ever for equality amongst genders, at a time where feminism is met with respect rather than a roll of the eyes, hitting the female audience was a sensible move from Reebok.

The beginning of 2017 saw Reebok enter the third year of its ‘Be More Human’ campaign, which, as is common with sporting brands, centres around ordinary people making personal sacrifices to achieve extraordinary things.

But, yet again, despite a trio of adverts, the advert titled ‘Mom’ is the big winner for the brand; a story centred around the idea of our shoes being a visual representation of our journey, as a daughter casts aside her mom’s high heels and becomes intrigued by her mom’s CrossFit trainers, instead.


Reebok’s alignment with high-profile female role models, such as Gigi Hadid, it’s clear where the strategy and future of the company lies – Reebok have already announced a 5% growth in sales on 2016, and it’s not even December.

Women have been crying out for a brand that takes their sporting goals, achievements and sacrifices as seriously as mens’.

They now have it. And Reebok has only just begun.

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